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Natural hair is a lifestyle once the choice is made. Most of the time it motivates people to take better care of themselves by eating right and exercising more. Spring is officially here and before you know it, Summer will be making itself present along with the rising temperatures.

Are you ready to show off your bikini body? If your not feeling as comfortable yet (notice that I said yet, because the confidence will creep up on you), here are a few tips to remember when completing your normal exercise routine. We hear so many myths when it comes to exercising, did yours make the lists?

Blog post written by Stephanie who writes her own fitness blog. Infinite Life Fitness.

Women’s Fitness: What’s True and what’s False
When it comes to health and fitness, there are tons of advice and tips that have been shared.  The problem is not all of those are true! Today, I would like to go over the true and false facts when it comes to fitness.
Women think that if they train with weights, this will cause them to look muscular and bulk up like men
FALSE: It is very unlikely that you will bulk up to gain muscles like those of body builders.  It is almost impossible for the average woman to look like with a light weight routine added to their fitness routine.  Yes some women may bulk up a little more than others, but not to the extent of someone who looks like a body builder. Lifting weights helps you to get a well-defined, tone, fit looking body.   Women who do have masculine type muscles most likely take anabolic steroids (a synthetic type of testosterone) along with other drugs in order to achieve the intense muscularity they show off in fitness competitions. Weight lifting has been proven to help you lose weight faster and to help you keep it off in the long run.

Doing only crunches (or an abs machine) will help you gain that 6-pack you always dreamed of
FALSE: There is no such thing as target training.  You cannot just do one thing and expect it to magically work in that area.  In order to achieve your desired fitness goals you have to have a well-rounded workout.  You have to target the main areas as well as have a cardio workout. To get rid of belly fat you have to slim down by losing those extra calories. 

Drinking water will help you lose weight
TRUE: There are many different articles (such as this one: that support evidence of drinking more water to help aid you in shedding those unwanted calories.  Drinking water is a great substitute to other drinks you have during the day.  It will help you cut down on calories as well as keep your body hydrated.

If you are not sweating you are not working hard enough
FALSE: When you sweat that is your body’s way of trying to cool you down.  Everyone’s body is different! If you may notice some people sweat way more than others and in some cases some people do not sweat very much at all. It is possible to have a great workout without your body pouring out with sweat.

Running on a treadmill (or other machine) puts less stress on your knees than running on asphalt or pavement
FALSE: Any type of fitness routine that involves running will bear on your knees and other joints.  It does not matter what type of surface, but overall it will still have the same end result….sore knees.  The best way to help limit this is to vary your workout.  Trying doing several different types of cardio routines that you can switch between.  This can be done by using other machines in the gym or using a bike.

Stretching before a workout can help you prevent injuries
TRUE: It is actually suggested that you stretch before and after your workout to help your muscles.  There have been dozens of studies done to help prove this to be true.  Stretching your major muscle groups for about 30 seconds each before and after your worked is something you should incorporate into your fitness routine.

Sports bras are only good for helping prevent your boobs from painful bouncing all over the place
TRUE AND FALSE:  Yes sports bras help to prevent your boobs from bouncing out of control during your workouts, but it has also been proven to help prevent your breast from sagging.  Yes it is a known fact that gravity and time are attributed to the cause of sagging, but is has also been proved that high intensity activities loosens the connective tissues that keep your breast firm.  So be sure you have the right type of bra when you are working out.  And it is also suggested that you get your bras replaced once a year.

Carbs are bad for you
FALSE: There are some diets out there that suggest that you should stay away from carbs if you want to achieve your desired results.  Well that is not all true.  It is never good to cut out one whole food group from your diet (no matter what type of diet suggests it!) You need carbs to fuel your body! The main idea should be to lower your intake on carbs (not cut them out of your diet completely). You should learn what good carbs are and what bad carbs are so you can make sure you are consuming the best nutrients for your body.
I hope that I have helped clarify some popular fitness myths. 
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