The 411 on Hair Vitamins

Hey Curlies,

Now I'm sure we all have heard, seen or talked about miracle vitamins that are supposed to help your hair grow down your back overnight. CRAZY right?

Well I would just like to say that there are a few different vitamin brands out there that promote overall health as well as focusing on promoting healthy hair growth. I usually buy any brand that says "Hair,Skin and Nails" on the front. Here are a couple of popular brands and what they can possibly do for you.

Full list of ingredients listed here

This product claims to increase hair growth by 200%.

Biotin can be found in various brands at your local Target, Walmart, and drug stores. It improves the strength of hair and nails. If you are currently having trouble with breakage, this should help if taken regularly. Be sure to drink LOTS of water while taking any of these supplements.

Hair,Skin and Nails
This product can also be found in may different brand forms. What makes this product different from the other two is that the ingredients are slightly different. While they all contain ingredients such as biotin, vitamins A,B,C, and D, this product also contains zinc, magnesium and collagen.

There are plenty of other products and companies that have developed hair supporting vitamins. Please, again, remember to increase your water intake when taking any of these supplements and remember that this is reality so, your hair will not grow overnight, things take time :)