What is transitioning?

Hey Curlies,

If you haven't noticed I've changed the site's look a little. I had not other choice, I had lots of space issues, but I think it looks pretty nice. On the menu bar there use to be a tab titled "What is transitioning?" I have removed that tab to add two new tabs so instead I will just briefly explain what the process is.

What is the transitioning process like?

The process of transitioning directly compliments "going natural." When one decides to not apply a relaxer to their hair anymore, one must simply let the relaxed hair grow out. As time goes on, your hair's natural hair texture a.k.a "new growth" will become present and very noticeable.

The place where your hair's natural texture and relaxed hair meet is called the line of demarcation. This section of the hair is very sensitive and can be broken easily. Since the two hair textures do not match, one must be gentle to this area to prevent breakage.

Everyone's process is different. Some really embrace and enjoy the experience while others have trouble adjusting. During this time it is helpful to keep the hair protected by doing styles that require low maintenance. These styles can be twists, braids, updos, sew in or any other style that keeps the hands out of the hair.

Transitioning also may directly complement doing a big chop (explained more in the dictionary). This is where the relaxed ends are cut off and only the natural hair texture is left. Some transition for only a couple of months while others do this for years. The process does seem to become more difficult as time goes on. Some people also wait longer to do the big chop because they want to gain more length. It overall depends on the person.

I could go on and on about transitioning so if you personally have any questions feel free to email me at Classycurlies@gmail.com

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