ClassyCurly Profile: Makayla

Name: Makayla Dawson
Social Media names: Kaylagoddezz
Hair Type:3c or 4a

How long have you been natural?
Since 2002

Why did you go natural? 
Tired of relaxers, tired of breakage, not feeling good about social pressure to look Caucasian.

When did you Big chop? 
Transitioned until 2004, Chopped all remaining in 2004.

A short regimen you can share?
Daily co-wash finger comb or wide tooth detangle ONLY IN SHOWER. Micro fiber towel only--most wring out water. Leave-in deva OneCurl or Pantene Moisture for Curly hair or combo. Add Shea moisture Curling Milk and spray on a self-made mx of water, olive oil and Deva OneCurl. Air dry unless etremely cold out (I live in Minnesota), or defuse with Shea Moisture's Curling smoothie. Add Shea Moisture Reconstructure elixer and Pantene at night before sleeping on a Satin Pillow case. Deva Mirror Curls for 2nd day hair.

Do you have any Favorite Products? 
Shea Moisture Line, Pantene and Deva Mirror Curls

Do you have any advice on Going Natural?
Never let ANYONE tell you you don't have "good hair"!!! Just be patient, and MOISTURIZE!