ClassyCurls Profile: Terressa

Name:  Terressa Diane Robinson
Social Media names: Tia, Terressa, Tia342
Hair Type: 3C (Just found out!) 
URL( if any):

How long have you been natural?
1  year and 1 month

Why did you go natural?
The chemical in my hair from relaxing it were causing me to lose hair. My hair was unhealthy and brittle.

When did you Big chop? 
I did 2 chops actually. I did the first one in June. I cut off 6 inches and let it grow. I hadn't had a relaxer since feb of 11' and then in February after letting it grow and doing transition styles, I cut the rest of the processed hair off.

A short regimen you can share? 
I co wash twice a week, and every morning I wet it with a water/oil solution, define the curls with gel and coconut oil.

Do you have any Favorite Products?
I love my EVOO and Coconut oil. I like my Motions leave in conditioner. It's amazing.
Do you have any advice on Going Natural? 
Be ready to commit. About half way through the process you may wan tot break down and go back to relaxers, but hang in there. It is So worth it.