It's about health, not just hair

Hey Curlies,

I have my first guest blogger by the name of Stephanie. She has formed her own fitness blog to promote wellness and overall health. Having a healthy head of hair is a result of not only treating your tresses with love, but also treating your body well. Drinking lot of water, eating correctly and exercising often contributes to healthy hair and a healthy lifestyle.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier? Lose weight?  Work out more? Or maybe you just want to adopt a healthier more active lifestyle? Well I have some great news for you…you can and you should start TODAY! Sound too easy? Well yes…it is THAT EASY! 
You do not have to invest in a fitness center membership to start obtaining your personal health goals.  Today, I will give you some suggested tips to help you kick start your new healthier lifestyle. 
First, you have to sit down and make a plan.  Create some goals that you would like to achieve and be realistic when you make those goals.  You cannot say that you want to lose 20 pounds in one month.  Realistically and in a non-life threatening way that can NOT be done.  There is no healthy way to achieve that goal in that amount of time.  Losing weight takes time, patients, and dedication. It is good to make an overall goal.  For instance you want to lose 20 pounds.  Well then you have to make smaller goals to go along with that major goal. For example I want to lose 2 pounds this week, and try one new healthier recipe this week.  That is a great mini goal to help you reach your overall goal. You will have to adopt a healthier eating style, you will have to adopt a new fitness routine, and you will have to set weekly goals for yourself (Like I will only have 2 cokes this week and drink more water).  
When you have your goals set you can them decide how you want to achieve these goals. This will consist of a mixture of adopting a new workout routine as well as adjusting the food you consume.  It is important to learn what the right portion sizes are and to try to have a variety of things to eat throughout the day (I have written a post about portions sizes that can be found here:  You do not want to starve yourself! You can eat and snack during the day as long as those foods are nutritious and beneficial to your body. Your workout routine should start off being about 3 times a week (more would be great if you can find a great workout and if you can fit the time in to do so).  You can do some of the following things at home or in your neighborhood to start your workout routine: 
·         Always start with a warm up exercise! This can be jogging in place for 90 seconds or jogging around your block.  It is a great idea to get your body warmed up before your exercise.  It is also suggested to stretch you major muscles before you work out.  Take 30-45 seconds to stretch each limb (like your arms and legs). 
·         You can jog/run around a park, jog/run around your neighborhood, jog/run around a path or track that is in your area (if using a track at a school make sure it is ok for you to use it when the school is not using it. Most schools encourage the community to use when the students are not using it.)

You can do your own at home “boot camp” (Click on the images following the bullets to go to a website that will tell you the right way to do each exercise)

·         Jog in place for 4 minutes (or jog/run a distance for a certain amount of time)
·         Jumping jacks: Do 20 – 30 sets (one set is jumping up and then down)
·         Push-ups: Do 10-15 (or however many you feel you can do and then add on more as you get stronger at doing it!) 
push up
·         Chair dips: Do about 10-15 (like I said before, do as many as you can and gradually add more when you get stronger)
Chair dips
·         Sit ups: Do about 10 -20
sit ups

·         Wall Sits: Try to hold it for 30 seconds. As your legs get stronger add more time in increments of 15 seconds.
Wall sits 
·         Lunges: It is good to do lunges at a set distance.  For example, walk down your drive way or set a distance in your yard or down your sidewalk.  You can always add/subtract distances according to how long you feel you can do them.
·         Step Ups: Do these for a certain amount of time (Like 90 seconds) or decide to do 20-30 step ups per leg.  You can decide on which ever you think is better for your fitness level.

I would suggest you start off doing all of these in sets of 2 (to start off then add another sets).  When I say sets I mean go through all of these exercises once, take a 60 – 90 second break and go through all of them again. It is good to start off with the 2 sets and then add to that when you build up your strength and endurance. 

When you are starting a new fitness routine it is ALWAYS a good idea to check with your doctor first to make sure you do not have any sever health risks.
I hope that these suggestions will help get you to jumpstart your new healthy routine.  Please stay tuned for more fitness tips.  In the meantime please feel free to check out my blog where you can find more health tips, recipes, and so much more! If you need help with your own personal routine please feel free to contact me and I will try to help suggest more options for you to try. Any day is a great day to start a new healthier lifestyle.  So why not start TODAY!?!