Hard water and Hair Care

Hey Curlies,

So I've been reading up on something that I never really noticed before-hard water. Last year, a girl I use to know tried to explain to me how bad the water system was. I couldn't actually remember everything she said so here is the low down.

The water that comes from your faucet, is either surface water or ground water.
  • Ground water can either come from a well or the city's water treatment plant. This water contains lots of minerals.
  • Surface water come from a river or lake and usually does not have as much minerals in it. However since the rivers and lakes have been polluted throughout the years, chemicals have been added to kill bacteria.
Hard water can cause:
  • Dry hair and scalp
  • Hair thinning
  • Hair colors to fade easily
  • Hair to not feel as soft or shiny
What minerals are harmful for hair?
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Chorine
  • Lead
  • Copper
Most of these minerals are negatively charged and when they meet our positively charged hair, they attract.

Solutions to hard water
  • Buy a water softener. These can be attached to shower heads and faucets
  • Buy a clarifying shampoo that leaves your scalp clean. Clarifying shampoos strip the hair. Sally's beauty supply has a set of shampoo and conditioners dedicated to help with hard water. It will not completely get rid of the problem but it should help.
  • You could wash you hair with a gallon or bottled water. The process may take very long and become expensive.