Don't forget your scalp!

Hey Curlies!

Ever have an itch on your scalp that just won't leave you alone? The more you scratch, the more sore and irritated your scalp gets. I've noticed that this tends to happen to me a lot more in the winter months because of the cold air. We put such an emphasis on moisturizing out hair and especially our ends, but sometimes I think we forget where it all started-the scalp.

I usually do a mini scalp massage throughout the week with what ever oil I have lying around, but I highly recommend my current method.

  • When every you feel necessary, part your hair into 4 sections using your fingers. Leave one section out and clip up the other 3. Even if you currently are wearing twist, braids or locs, at long as you hair is parted where the scalp is open, this works.
  • With each section divide it into a smaller section as if you were about to put in twists or braids. The smaller section that you've just parted, apply an oil directly to the scalp. It sort of like your mom "greasing" your scalp as a child.
  • I usually just tip the bottle upside down and squeeze a little out. The trick with this is not to apply to much. You can also put the oil in a color applicator bottle with a tip to make this process easier.
  • I use Tea Tree oil because it is very soothing, more like a mint smell. I've noticed it fights dry, itchy scalp.