Classy Curls Profile: Stephanie

Name: Stephanie Ayler
Social Media names: Twitter @_SimplyCare_
Facebook SimplyCare,
I’m also on, Look up Stephanie Ayler !!
Youtube: iSimplyCare

Hair Type: I don’t really care for hair typing, but I would categorize myself into a 4b/4c hair type.

URL( if any):

How long have you been natural?
I have been natural since I was 17 years old and I just turned 26 this past December.

Why did you go natural?
I went natural because I had a horrible salon relaxer experience. I left the salon with a scalp sensitive to the touch. I also had numerous scalp burns, mainly on the sides of my head. It was just disgusting, just oozing yuckiness! I also had a patch of hair in the middle of my head that would continuously break off. It would never grow and I was pretty self-conscious about it.  Since going natural my hair FLOURISHED ! I don’t have those same problems.

When did you Big chop?
I didn’t big chop. Actually, when I went natural I had no idea I was “going natural.” I just new that I was NEVER EVER going to get another relaxer. I had a long transition with various braid styles. Since I have never said to myself, “Self, you are going natural” along with transitioning with braids, it was a pretty easy transition for me. The only times I was sort of confused on what to do with was when I would remove the braids for a rest period before braiding my hair back up again. After my braid phase I decided to loc my hair and I had locs for 4-5 years before I combed them out. Yep, combed them out. It took me an entire week. Combing out my locs FELT like a big chop, I had gone from APL to a few inches in a matter of weeks. Shocking to say the least. I learned a lot about my hair that year !

A short regimen you can share?
Wash every 1- ½ weeks (Deep wash with either Bentonite Clay or a clarifying; other times moisturizing shampoo)
Deep Conditioner every week (detangling while deep conditioning)
Using supplemental treatments (tea rinses, acv rinses, etc)
Steam my hair or co-washing for extra mid-week moisture boost.
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Sealing. I used the L(iquid) O(il) C(ream) Method.
I protective style and let my kinks fly free as I see fit.
Overall I pay attention to what my hair needs and I do what she asks !

Do you have any Favorite Products?
I am an upstart product company, so I mix a lot of products for myself and to potentially market. So other than those I  love Shea Moisture products, Cantu Products, Aloe Vera Juice/Gel and different types of butters.

Do you have any advice on Going Natural?
I would have to say be patient with your hair! You pamper yourself, so do the same with your curlies, treat it like silk. Most importantly, have fun while going natural and learning abour your hairs needs !