Classy Curly Profile: Chris-Tia of "Thank God I'm Natural."

Hey Curlies!
I am very excited about sharing this interview with you all! Have you ever read the book, "Thank God I'm Natural?" Well I have had the pleasure of getting an interview with Chris-Tia, the author of this book, and I'm dying to share it! Her book has been reviewed by, the salon owner of the Uncle Funky's Daughter, and many celebrity stylist. Check it out!

Name:  Chris-Tia Donaldson
Social Media names:  Twitter: @TGINatural, Facebook: Thank God I'm Natural

Hair Type:  4a/4b (Kinky)

URL( if any):

How long have you been natural?
I went natural in 2002 after I grew tired and frustrated of spending so much time and money on my hair. When my hair was relaxed, it would go through this vicious cycle, where it would grow then break off, then grown then break off some more. Finally, I met a stylist, William of W Salon in Boston, who told me that I didn’t need a perm and that I could start pressing my hair.  I decided to stop pressing my hair and wore a wig for two years. Although I was natural at the time, I was never fully comfortable with wearing my own hair until one life changing episode happened. You can read all about it in my new book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair available onlineat or get a sneak peak online at

When did you big chop?  

March 2003

A short regimen you can share?
I like to keep things simple. I wash my hair once a week with Elucence’s Moisturizing Benefits Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ll then apply a little Knot Today to my hair to help withdetangling with a wide tooth comb. I have found that if I use a wide tooth comb instead of my Denman, I can preserve my curl pattern and increase curl definition.  I’ll then twist my hair with Shea Moisture, Coconut Oil, and Aloe Vera Gel. I’ll leave the twist in for a couple of days, take them down and mist them just a little to get some fullness. Kinky twists are my go to protective style. There easy and convenient. I also like to get my hair trimmed every 8 -10 weeks. I found that when my ends are clipped and my hair is shaped up nicely, it grows so much faster. Finally, I sleep with a silk scarf or bonnet and then in the morning I'm good to go. It's a fairly simple hair routine. However, I have been natural for a while, so I've got it down to a science.

Do you have any Favorite Products?
Here are some products that I love:
Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo and Conditioner (for Cleansing and/Conditioning)
Aubrey White Chamomile Shampoo (for Cleansing)
Giovanni Triple Treat (for Conditioner)
Kinky Curly Knot Today (for Degtangling)
Shea Smoothie or ORS Loc and Twist Gel (for Twistouts)
Eco Styler Gel (for Wash N Go Styles)
You can find a description of the products online at my blog here  

Do you have any advice on Going Natural.
Like so many black women, there was a point in my life when I spent so much time, money, and energy on trying to achieve hair that looked nothing like my own. It impacted my exercise schedule, my love life, my finances, and more. When I finally decided to let go and love the hair I was born with, I experienced a peace like no other.  It was like everything came into focus, and I could finally say Thank God I’m Natural. . . . This is just the way I’m supposed to be.

Tell us a little about yourself and your book (concepts, idea, etc)?
My name is Chris-Tia Donaldson and I was born and raised in Detroit (7 Mile). I went to Harvard for College and for Law School, and now I’m a lawyer for a software company. Right now, I work with a talented and dedicated team of people, who help me to balance my full time job with the demands of running an all natural personal care products company whose mission is to empower black women to live healthier natural lives.
At this juncture, our primary focus is to help educate women who are thinking about going natural learn about the benefits of making this choice, as well as giving women the resources and information not only to take care of their hair naturally, but their bodies as well.  
I decided to write the book after I started working at Jenner & Block.  At Jenner I felt like I could be true to my natural self and still be successful in corporate America. I had spent almost a quarter century wishing for hair that looked nothing like my own, and  thought I couldn’t wear my hair in its natural state, because my tresses looked nothing like Alicia Keys’ or Mariah Carey’s.  When I came to the realization that I could go natural, I wanted to share all the information I learned about caring for my hair with others. I also wanted to let the ladies know that going natural would not put an end to their career, prevent them from getting a date, or require them to join the “movement”.

Stay natural,