Hair Goals for 2012

Hey Curlies!

So for the new year, I would like to establish a few new goals that I have for my hair. I would LOVE for you to comment with some of your own :)

Left: Oct 2011- collarbone length
Middle: Dec 2011- Past CB length
Right: Dec 2011- Touches my bottom lip. In Oct it touched the top of my mouth.
  1. Maintain healthy hair. (Continue cowashing and deep conditioning)
  2. Grow at least 2-3 inches of hair by July (my BC anniversary) and 6 inches by Dec 2012.
  3. Reach BS length by Dec 2012.
  4. Continue protective styling. (Twists, Twist outs)
  5. Continue to moisturize my hair daily.
What are some of your hair goals for the upcoming year??