ClassyCurly Profile: Sophia K Essentials

Hey Curlies!
Sophia K
It is a wonderful honor introduce Sophia, a women who created her own beauty line about 5 years ago. Her products contain only natural ingredients, which include vitamins, oils, butters and organic extracts. She has taken some time out of her day to come and chat with us! (Isn't her hair gorgeous?)

I am Sophia Kornegay aka “SophiaK” Owner of SophiaK Essentials. I have been hand making natural hair and skin care products since 2007. My line of products are made with natural and organic ingredients and I am geared at promoting healthy hair and skin. I make all products with my target customers in mind.

Hair Products
 I decided to go natural in July 2008 just after getting out of Marine Corps (Honorable Service) because I was already caring for my two daughters hair as well as my Husband who had decided to start locs a month prior. I felt if everyone in my home is natural I might as well do it, but I did it because I wanted to not because I felt pressured or forced.  

Before making my line of products I really didn’t use many products to even have favorites, so I would have to say the products I formulate and make are my favorites. I know exactly what I am making the products for and what is going into that product, no blinded ingredients. 

Skin care product
Her advice:

My biggest advice is to make sure that you are going natural because you want to or that you have thought it out. Being natural is more work than going to the salon for someone else to style your hair; it’s a lot of work. It might seem daunting at first but the rewards are much better after you understand your hair and what it needs.  

Some of the keys to retaining hair length is to have a balance of moisture and protein in hair, this is essential because having too much moisture or little protein can cause damage, leading to breakage. Does not comb hair when it is dry and don’t pull hair too much when combing when wet either. Hold the hair at different spots when combing out a specific area. Also try to keep hands out of hair by less manipulation, find a style and keep for at least a week. Very important to trim hair if you see split ends because those strands will become brittle and also make the hair easy to break because of splitting in two.

 If you are looking for natural hair products or natural skincare products such as my Eczema Cream or Daily Face Cream please visit to see what we have to offer. I also would like to share my new products: Coils Deep Down Moisture Masque, Choco-Honey “Anti-Frizz” Pomade, and Devine Ecstasy Creamy Delight Lotion among other moisturizers. I am also having a FREE product giveaway, visit blog section on website for more details. Much love.

Look for a product review soon. I am really hoping to try them! In the meantime, visit Sophia at: It is really hard to find products the contain all natural ingredients. Give it a try for yourself.