Classy Curls Profile: Brittney

Love her hair color!

Name: Brittney Joseph
Social Media, bjoseph5 (
Hair type: 3b

How long have you been transitioning?
I have been transitioning for 5 months. My last relaxer was July 2011.

Will you Big chop? If so when? 
Yes, I will eventually big chop. I plan on doing it sometime in July 2012 so hopefully it won't be much of a big chop.

Why did you go natural? 
I went natural because I wanted to try something different with my hair and I just have a love for naturally, curly, hair. I always found my hair to be boring when it was relaxed. Plus, relaxers are not good for hair.

Do you have any favorite products?
Cantu shea butter moisture, Elastaqp deep penetrating remoisturizing conditioner, Ginseng miracle wonder 8 oil, Parnevu leave-in conditioner
(I've never heard of the Ginseng miracle wonder oil, I'll have to try that!)

What styles do you wear?
I love bantu knots. I tried twists outs a couple times. I would love to try braid outs as well as flexi rods.

Do you have any questions about the transitioning process? (I am sure someone can help!)
Yes, I would like for someone to tell me how to use flexi rods and just general tips on ways to keep my hair healthy and make it grow faster?