Natural Hair Style:Salon Stylist vs Do it Yourself

Hey Curlies!
I've seen this topic many times by transitioners and naturals all over, and many are wondering how should hair be handled. Once going natural, some prefer to continue going to a salon or some prefer to do it on their own.

 For the first 6 months I did continue going to the salon but then I realized how unnecessary that was. Around Feb 2011, I got a mini chop where my hair just touched my shoulders. From then on, I went to my stylist once more to get a sew in, and haven't been back since.

Obviously now I do my own hair just because I want to learn the game. I love styling and playing in my hair. I do want to visit a natural hair salon, at least once, to gain the experience.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both.

Salon Stylist
  1. Most likely the stylist will know how natural hair should be handled and will give you great results every time.
  2. The stylist might use products that are new to you, and they may work well with your hair.
  3. You will now have ANOTHER person to chat with about natural hair (the more, the better).
  4. If you are a transitioner, you have someone to guide and support you through the process.
  1. You may end up with a stylist that "says" that they are a natural hair stylist, but you can tell they aren't the right fit for you.
  2. Styles, washes and treatments can be costly.
  3. Stylist could use products that do not work well with your hair.
  1. You can have a vision of a specific hair style and create it exactly how you want.
  2. You can play around with products to find out what works best.
  3. Some people have just become protective over their hair, and only trust themselves.
  1. It may take a while to get the hang of your hair, even if you are fully natural or a transitioner. CAUTION: This may cause a tiny bit of frustration.
  2. You could be applying too much stress to the hair which can cause breakage.