I Hate my Natural Hair...

Hey Curlies,

So just a few minutes ago I was on the CurlyNikki Forum and came across something VERY interesting. A young woman stated that she HATED her natural hair after her big chop. She also has a very strong feeling that her boyfriend is upset at her choice...this is what I say to her and others in this situation.

Dear I HATE my Natural Hair,

Honestly, sometimes you just need to give it time. The style is new and different so it may seem weird to you. You are upset because it isn't what you though it would be, instead you got thick and unmanageable(so you think) hair. Your hair is beautiful because it is YOUR HAIR, not anyone else. Remember that your hair DOES NOT make you who you are, it is only a small section of your outer beauty. This journey is not only about living a healthy lifestyle, it is also about finding your inner beauty and finding the confidence within. Women look in the mirror everyday and see SOMETHING that they do not like. It could be a short afro, a long head full of curls or even a oddly shaped nose, but it is beautiful because it is who you truly are. If you think that your outer appearance means more than who you are as a person, rethink that. Be prepared for negative comments because those people will not understand your process. As for your boyfriend, if anything, he should be your BIGGEST SUPPORTER! If he can not tolerate your natural hair, or better yet, the real you, he needs to be eliminated from your daily routine. Hang on to the people who support you and let go of the ones that don't. So hold your head up high and embrace what you have. Got Post-It notes? Go crazy with them if you'd like. Write inspirational messages on them that will remind you of how FABULOUS you are!