Benefits of Coconut Oil

Hey Curlies!

Now that the winter months are rolling in, I need to use a heavier oil than the one I am using to keep my hair moisturized. A couple of days ago I bought a jar a coconut oil from GNC for $12.99. If you buy this please find it somewhere cheaper! lol, so ridiculous. I tried Sally's and they had nothing. I wanted to try some legitimate coconut oil, not a product that said coconut oil mixed in with some other unknown ingredients. I'm sure you can buy it on Ebay or in Whole Foods Market.

I've been using this on my scalp for the last couple of days and I am pleased. My scalp tends to become dry faster than most so I have to apply something directly to it. When I first opened the jar, the oil was mostly solid and didn't smell like the typical coconut oil I am used too. To help apply it, I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt it a bit.

What is coconut oil?
The oil is pressed from the coconut palm tree