ClassyCurly Profile: Kameko

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ON CN: Turtle1920

Name: Kameko
Social Media names: Turtle1920 for Twitter and the Curly Nikki forum.
Hair Type:4a,4b, with a little 3c sprinkled around
URL( if any):

How long have you been natural or transitioning? 
I transitioned from Jan 22 to July 26. Then I chopped it all off.

When did you BC or when do you plan on doing the big chop?
I BC in July 26, after taking out my last sew in. I had sat watching videos on on YouTube for hours. I especially loved Nikkimae2003 and NaturallyCandi. After watching those two and few others and seeing the growth that they accomplished, how happy they were, and just how beautiful they looked I knew I could do it. So I locked myself in the bathroom and spent about two hours cutting out tracks and cutting off the relaxed ends. I emerged out the bathroom, and my boyfriend said your beautiful. I didn't have the sense of shock some people speak of. I did doll if up a lot the next day but that wasn't out the norm for me since Im a self described MAC addict.
A short regimen you can share?
I co-wash now with whatever conditioners(mostly a mix of HEHH,Aussie Moist, Nexxus Humectress) I have in my shower. I'll shampoo every week and use a ACV-Apple Cider Vinigar- rinse. Then as soon as I get out the shower, t-shirt dry, then seal immediately with EVOO-Extra Virgin Olive Oil- or whatever oil I have laying around.

Do you have any Favorite Products?
I love Shea Moisture products, the curl smoothie,and the hair milk. My hair loves EVOO as well. I have also turned into a PJ-Product Junkie- buying any and every conditioner there is. HEHH is my friend lol.

Do you have any advice on Going Natural?
My advice is to make sure your ready for this. Its easy in a sense but it takes a true commitment to keep it moisturized especially after BC. You can't just let it go because your natural now. A week after I BC a 2 year natural saw me and asked me what I did to my hair. Her hair was drier than the desert. I told her what I knew, but this is what I'm saying if your want your hair to flourish you have to take care of it. Remember that anyone can do this, no matter what type of hair grows from your head, no matter your body type, or head shape....YOU CAN BE NATURAL.