Natural Hair Care:4 Ways to Stretch hair

Hey Curlies!

I just want to start off by saying that Friday I will be removing my kinky twist and I am SUPER PUMPED! I've had them in since the last week of July and I have gained about 1 inch of growth (clap clap lol).

ANYWHO! lol I know a lot of times when I want to wear my hair out, I sometimes have second thoughts because it is so short. I've never had short hair before so I would like some length. When I wash my hair I get MAJOR shrinkage!(Probably like most of you). If you are wondering how to gain some quick couple of inches I have 4 ways to stretch your hair!

  1. After washing and applying a leave in conditioner or oils, let the hair air dry by doing a couple of braids. Divide your hair into no more than 9 sections and create single braids. Braiding lengthens the hair and also keeps in moisture without shrinking back up. In the morning, unravel and continue to style as usual.
  2. Use ROLLERS! These are by far, one of the best inventions for me.You can use Perm Rods, Flexi Rods, Foam Rollers or Curlformers.
  3. Try Banding! This is a little new to me also but the concept seems really simple. It's similar to creating a ponytail but then adding more bands to that same section of hair as you go down. This method shows you almost the exact amount of length you will gain and freezes the hair in place.
  4. Blow dry! (Which I don't do often). This step takes sort of long for me so I avoid it but it does work for others. Just blow dry and style!

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