New Product Coming Soon!! Shea Moisture Gel

So have ya heard the news??? The Shea Moisture line is coming out with a gel? Am I the only one that is excited about this??? It has been the talk for months in the natural hair community and I had just gotten word that will be released August 28th in Target stores ($11.99) and also will be released at Walgreens stores.

Here are some details on this product!

It is an all natural gel that contains no alcohol, silicone, mineral oil, synthetic color or fragrance. The product includes these great ingredients:

  1. Agave Teqilana Leaf Extract
  2. Sugar Cane Extract
  3. Pectin
  4. Vegetable Glycerin
  5. Baobab Extract
  6. Coconut Oil
  7. Certified Organic Shea Butter
  8. Pro-Vitamin B-5
  9. Aloe
  10. Vitamin E
  11. Flax Seed Oil
  12. Hibiscus Extract
  13. Potassium Sorbate
  14. Essential Oil Blend

Each and every one of these ingredients promote healthy hair. When was the last time you've seen this? I'm sure I will be doing a product review on this as SOON as my twist are out! Look for it!

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