Natural Hair College Survival Guide #2

Hey Curlies,

Sorry I've been so M.I.A lately. I have been packing for school and now that I'm finally here I am a mentor for a  Multicultural program for incoming freshman and I have been so busy it's crazy! Anyway! I"ve been trying to make time to post so here it is :)

Although their aren't many other people on campus yet, I have seen about 5-7 Naturals and I am so pumped to see the number growing. I've seen puffs,twist outs and even wash and go's. So here are a few tips on the hot August days.

1. Try wearing a head band or puff on hot days, this way you'll be cooler and you won't have to worry about moving you're hair out of the way which may cause damage when becoming in contact with your clothes.

2.  Spray moisturizers work best in humid and dry conditions. Try and oil in a spray bottle with some water. Heavy product can weigh hair down and cause drippies!

3.Don't forget to deep condition. Heat drys hair out and the exposure of the sun isn't helpful.