Natural Hair College Survival Guide Part 1

Hey Curlies,

Many students have gone back to college (or went to for the first time) within the last couple of months, and it can be an interesting time in your natural hair journey.

The problem is, some students go to school in an unfamiliar place and have trouble finding a good salon in the area. Sometimes if they do, they are greatly overpriced.

I actually began my natural hair journey my freshman year of college and learned a lot during that time in my life....about my hair and about myself.

I've seen many questions about how to care for your natural hair while in school on a low budget. Also how to style hair with minimal time, well here's your: Natural hair college survival guide (Part 1)

Natural hair college survival guide

This edition is all about storing your products.

During my first year of school,  my dorm was a 12 x16 with desks, beds, dressers and a closet. By the time you move in all of your things, including shoes and clothes...where is the room to store hair items??

Here is one site that I recommend for storing your hair products.

Here are also some items from Walmart (although I despise this store, it's usually in most college towns).
Styling products can go in one,
hair accessories in the other...or how ever works best! ($20)

Great for hair accessories! ($10)

Great for holding shampoos and conditioners, also combs or brushes can fit on the side pocket. This item also hangs from the closet rail so it doesn't take up extra space. ($10)

These stackable (anything stackable is WONDERFUL in dorms) cubes can fit in corners of your room. ($20)