Tea Tree Oil for the Scalp

Hey Curlies,

Well I've had my twist in for almost a month and at the beginning I had really dry itchy scalp. At first I thought it could be because the twist were fresh and tight so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. 

As time went on, they're still a little itchy until about a week ago when I started using Tea Tree Oil! On the bottle it says that it is specifically for dry and itchy scalp but I mean now a days what product doesn't? So I mixed it in with some water in a spray bottle and it WORKS LIKE A CHARM! 

I hardly EVER scratch my head anymore and my scalp is always moisturized. I also love how it smells, sort of like peppermint. Try it! What do you use for dryness???

BTW: Today I wore my twist pulled to the side in a low ponytail. It shows length and adds hair to frame your face.


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