Was That a Complement?

Hey Curlies,

So I'm still getting use to my hair. It has been about 3 days since I did the Big Chop and this is how I am wearing my hair.

In anyway shape or form do I regret doing my BC, I love my new texture but I am not use to the length yet. I've always had at least shoulder length hair but I guess it's something I'll just have to get use too. Anywho! While at work today a woman said "Your hair is so cute." I wasn't sure if she was speaking to me or my co-worker, who is relaxed, but when I turned around she was smiling at me and I was excited! I am also very surprised that for the past 3 days my mom complements my hair. She says things like "Your new style looks so cute on you" or " Your hair is so pretty that way." At first she wasn't the biggest supporter when I explain the "going natural" topic to her but now I think she has really warmed up :)


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