Two strand twist Preparation

Hey Curlies,

So today I took down the two strand twist I did myself so I could go to an African Hair Braiding place to get kinky twist before school starts back up. While I was taking them down I loved how the twist out looked!! Here are some pics!

I didn't even want to wash my hair because it was sooo cute! ugh...but I had too lol Here are some of my steps:

1. Cowash hair with Aussie moist
2. Cowash again and this time detangle
3.Put on ORS Hair Mayonnaise ( I used like half of the jar lol) and some herbal oil.
4. Use shower cap for DC for about an hour and then rinse with cold water

I have to BLOW DRY MY HAIR..which I am NOT excited about because it takes FOREVER!!! But I'm going to try to avoid it at all cost and let it air dry.

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