I'm back!

Sorry it's been sooo long since my last post! But I am here now to finish where I started! I am now 13 months into my transition and it has been a wonderful journey thus far! I am currently in college which makes it sort of hard to find the time to get together the right styles, but here is one of my first roller sets on dry hair! (about 5 months ago)

This is also a twist out from a while back while at a party. I used about 7 bobby pins to pin it back. This is before I got about 4-5 inches of hair chopped off.

I am still using Cantu Shea Butter conditioning cream, my hair LOVES this stuff! lol I actually need to buy another jar! Now that I am home for the summer and it is hot as all get out, I have had a sew in since the beginning of May. I plan on getting it removed in the next two weeks. Yea the sew in does make things a little easier to manage but I am SUPER pumped to see my actual roots,new growth and ready to try some new styles. I am thinking about a wet roller set with flexi rods. It will be interesting to see since I have gotten a 4-5 inch chop around Easter. Will update when I try it out..pictures will come!