Changing to become a better YOU

Hi Everybody!

This is Victoria and this is my first blog post for Classy Curls. This blog will contain my journey through transitioning to natural hair as well as other tips and tricks :) This is also a blog about self-motivation and self- confidence in women who want to embrace their natural hair. I will not judge you. This is a friendly environment. Happy Blogging!

My Story

I decided to go natural June 2010 and I have been looking forward ever since.But before then I attempted to start in Dec 2009. My roots had gotten so thick and my hair began growing longer than it has ever been.Around May 2010 I was going to my senior prom and my mother pressured me to get a relaxer considering it was my "big day" and all. So I did it....ugh wish I didn't now.All my life I have been getting relaxers about every month or so. I guess this was an easy way or my mom to deal with my thickness.Right now I am about 32 weeks into it and man has it been rough! lol. My new growth is everywhere but I am learning how to tame it slowly but surely. Most of the time I continue to wear my hair straight until I chop off the rest of my relaxed ends. What got me interested in going natural was...well let's just say I was experimenting. While researching hair online, I heard that going natural is soo much healthier for your hair. So I began stretching out my relaxers and I continued to see my natural curl coming in. I LOVE IT! Another plus I got was length. My hair has grown so much over the last couple of months! 

My Favorite Products Thus Far:
I have been using this one for about 4 days now. lol I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I use it as an everyday moisturizer.
            I use this as a hot oil treatment and to seal my ends

Well that's all for today ladies! Any questions or comments feel free to comment and I will reply with an answer :)