How to Deal with Rude Comments About Your Natural Hair this Holiday Season

Hey Curlies,

As the holiday season ramps up that means one thing: More time with family.

While that is probably a great thing for most of us, there are always those handful of people you honestly don't look forward to seeing. Maybe it's that cousin, grandmother or aunt that always has something negative to say about your natural hair.

While this is the season of giving, it's also the season of building up your confidence and standing strong in who you are.

I'm giving you some of my best tips via our podcast, Curly Conversations, for dealing with that difficult family member (or family friend) who just can't keep their mouths shut about your hair.

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Tune in below:

Listen to other episodes of Curly Conversations here.

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Healthy Living: Why I'm Obsessed with Honey Pot's Feminine Care Products

Hey Curlies,

As I've been trying to eliminate products filled with chemicals not only in my hair care routine, but in everyday life, I've found myself using plant-based feminine care products more and more.

I first introduced you all to Honey pot, an herbal and chemical-free feminine care line in 2016.

In a previous video, I used their original feminine wash, but over the past few months I've began using Honey Pot's feminine wipes, panty liners and pads.

Besides the fact that they actually work, I love that I'm supporting a business that creates products free of parabens, carcinogens, and sulfates. In addition, all washes are gynecologist approved, clinically tested and pH balanced.

My latest video chats about the newer Honey Pot products I've been using and gives my honest thoughts.

Watch below and learn more about Honey Pot here.

Facebook Live: DIY Aloe Vera Gel and How to Use it for Natural Hair, Skin

Hey Curlies,

Thanks to everyone who tuned into our Facebook live session that showed you all how to create your own aloe vera gel from fresh aloe leaves.

I also added in a few other beauty recipes as well. Look for my clay mask recipe soon.

If you missed the session, watch it below or on our ClassyCurlies Facebook page.

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DIY Aloe Vera Gel from Leaf - ClassyCurlies

How to make your own aloe vera gel for natural hair - ClassyCurlies

MORE DIY | Join DIY with ClassyCurlies online classes

Healthy Living: My Positivity Reading List

Hey Curlies,

These last few months I've been all about positivity. If you listen to our podcast - Curly Conversations - often, I've literally been preaching ways to become your best self by exuding positivity.

Not that I'm not always a positive person, but there has been some recent happenings in my life that have taught me to face toward the sun when I feel like my world is dark.

One of those ways I've been practicing positivity is through books and reading.

In a previous post, I explain how I am a true bookworm and the books I read that were life changing.

This time, I'm continuing that theme and sharing books I've recently finished or just cracked open.

I hope you'll give them a second look.

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You Are A Badass - By Jen Sincero

This is a book I've been wanting to get my hands on for at least the past two years.

I heard about it from a friend and was hooked ever since. Just an FYI, I found this book at Target (on sale might I add) and I'm so glad I did.

The author, Jen Sincero, is like your best girlfriend who drops curse words every now and then. She keeps it real and helps you realize how great of a person you are.

Her theme is diverting from the norm of society to do what you want.

It's pretty awesome and I finished the book in about a week.

#GIRLBOSS - By Sophia Amoruso

This is also a book I'd heard about for years and every time I visited the library (because I love that place), copies were always checked out.

I finally found the book at Target and finished it in a week flat.

I loved learning Sophia's story of how she built her business from scratch. She's not the woman who went to business school or had any formal training, she just figured it out and built an empire.

This book helps you realize your own talents and gives you confidence in knowing you don't need all of the bells and whistles to get started.

The Curl Revolution - By Michelle Breyer

I've yet to crack this one open, but I'm calling this one as my next project.

This is a recently released book I'm sure I won't read from cover-to-cover because it's more of a guide, but I can't wait to dig in.

You all know I'm a huge fan of NaturallyCurly and am one of their contributors - so I had to get my hands on this work.

It's full of inspirational stories, healthy hair tips and more for all people with curls.

I purchased it in the NaturallyCurly Shop.

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Have you read any of these?

I'd love to know what's on your bookshelf so I can start reading new titles.

ClassyCurlies' Natural Hair and Healthy Living Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Hey Curlies,

I hope everyone enjoyed our natural hair Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales guide, but now we move on to gifts.

Each year, also releases a natural hair holiday gift guide that suggests some of the best items to add to your wish list or to give to someone else.

Our guide includes natural hair products, tools and items you'll want to become your best (healthy) self.

ClassyCurlies 2017 Natural Hair and Healthy Living Holiday Gift Guide

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Honey Pot

Since being introduced to the feminine products by Honey Pot, I will never go back to commercial brands again. It's a black-owned, woman-owned and plant-based approach to feminine care. Until a few years ago, I had no idea of all of the chemicals our monthly products were made with - like dyes, bleaches and other harmful ingredients. Honey Pot is made free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, and sulfates - and their washes, wipes and other items actually work. It's the perfect gift for yourself or any other special lady in your life.

Shop Honey Pot's collection here.


That scented hand lotion you love so much still leaves your skin dry, right? This is where quality
ingredients matter. Shea BODYWORKS offers all natural skincare, hair  care and facial products made with ingredients like Rosehip Seed oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Neem and Geranium. All products are also free of dyes, glycerin, mineral oil, parabens, perfumes and petroleum.

Shop Shea BODYWORKS here.

Hot Head 

I thought I knew the ins and outs of deep conditioning until I tried a Hot Head deep conditioning cap for the first time. If you know someone looking to up their deep conditioning game, this deep conditioning cap is a must. It's hand-stitched and uses flax seeds to absorb heat, which creates a "greenhouse" effect for your hair. If your person loves color, there are tons of patterns to choose from.

Shop your Hot Head here.

The Curl Revolution

I've been a fan of NaturallyCurly for years, and started writing for them earlier this year. What I love
is their diverse approach to curly hair. Their audience is for everyone with curly hair - no matter their skin color or ethnicity. Their new book, "The Curl Revolution" is perfect for new or seasoned curlies and includes hair techniques, personal stories and more.

Shop The Curl Revolution here. 

Sharmen J Beauty headwraps

Bad hair days come and go - that's just life, but you can find a cute way to conceal the strands you have no patience to deal with. Headwraps are a great way to dress up your style with minimal effort. The headwraps by Sharmen J. Beauty are handcut and stitched by Sharmen J. herself.

Shop Sharmen J. Beauty here.

DIY with ClassyCurlies

If you know someone ready to say goodbye to the chemicals, our online DIY shampoo and
conditioner class will want to be added to your list. Our class gives step-by-step instructions on how to make your own shampoo and conditioner without fillers or harmful ingredients. The class includes instructional videos, worksheets, a workbook, shopping list, bonus material and more.

Shop DIY with ClassyCurlies classes.

Mind Body Green classes 

It's time to grab your friend and get centered. Sometimes, reflecting on the year can be stressful, and you want to become your best self in 2018. A website I love - and practically check daily - called MindBodyGreen provides loads of online courses from yoga to meditation and even classes on how to curb anxiety. The site is all about getting in tune with your inner self.

Shop MindBodyGreen classes here.  

Help Us Give More This #GivingTuesday

Hey Curlies,

I've been waiting for this particular day for a while, as it's Giving Tuesday. It's a day where you're asked to give back to your community, whether it's to a local organization or simply doing something nice for someone.

This year, I have a few organizations I plan to support, but I want you to help me.

For every Instagram like on the photo below, you'll donate $1 to a child or woman in need. Don't worry, it's not coming from your wallets - but ours. However, you are more than welcome to donate yourself.

Here are organizations we're supporting this year:

Girls Inc.
"Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, enabling them to be confident in their own skin, prepared for their futures, proud of who they are, and ready to take their place in the world."

Dress for Success empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of
support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

A Girl's Gift Inc. is dedicated to introducing girls to positive female role models, and improving the quality of their lives. The program is designed for girls grades 5-8 (or ages 10 through 14) with a curriculum that is structured to enhance self-esteem and build confidence and leadership skills of pre-teen girls.

Here is where I give to you!

Enter our surprise giveaway below for a chance to take home some awesome prizes. You all know, I don't skimp on the gifts. Giveaway will close Nov. 28 at 11:59 p.m.

Natural Hair Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales 2017

Hey Curlies,

My email has been flooded with people asking "When is ClassyCurlies releasing its natural hair Black Friday sale guide?"

Well here it is!

Each year, we release a natural hair Black Friday sale guide that will give you a preview of what type of sales companies selling natural hair and curly hair products will have. I've also included some healthy living and wellness brands as well.

NOTE: This isn't the final sale list. New sales will be added daily, so keep checking back and bookmark this site.

Below you'll find some of your favorite brands with big sales! In addition, it's a great time to discover some tools and brands you aren't so familiar with.

Again, be sure to bookmark this page and check back for deals!

Bask & Bloom Essentials

Natural hair Black Friday sales 2017 - ClassyCurlies

The company will offer 30% off - no coupon needed on all items from Nov. 23 at 10 p.m. to Nov. 25 at midnight.

Buttercup Essentials

Beauty Black Friday deals 2017 - ClassyCurlies

The company will offer a buy 2, get 1 free deal using coupon code BLACKOUT24 on Black Friday. More details here. 

Butters n' Bars

The company will offer door busters and 30% off sitewide by using code BlackFriday2017.

Chocolate Kinks & Kurls

Natural Hair Black Friday Sales 2017 - ClassyCurlies

The company will offer 25% off their entire website with code CKKBLACKFRIDAY. The code is active now and good through Sunday at 11:59 p.m.


Curlkit Black Friday sale 2017 - ClassyCurlies

The company will offer 40% off Curlkit memberships using code BFS40. Shop here. 

Embrace the Natural You

The company will offer 35% off Embrace Hair Care, Satin Bonnets, Satin Beanies, Shower Caps from Nov. 23-27. No coupon code needed. Exclusions: Twist Hair, Human Hair.


Beauty Black Friday Sales 2017 - ClassyCurlies

The company will offer discounts beginning Nov. 17.

FREE shipping on orders $50+. Use FREESHIP at checkout. Shop the sale here. 

Honey Baby Naturals

Honey Baby Naturals Black Friday sale 2017 - ClassyCurlies

Honey Baby Naturals will offer 30% off all orders and free shipping on purchases over $60 using code BlackFriday17

Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care

Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap Black Friday 2017 - ClassyCurlies

Thermal Hair Care will offer 25% off with code "BF2017" plus free shipping on US orders over $50. It will run through Cyber Monday.

Jane Carter Solution

Jane Carter Solution Black Friday sale 2017 - ClassyCurlies

The company will offer 40% off sitewide and free shipping on orders over $150 from Nov. 22 - 27 using code BLACKFRIDAY.

Obia Naturals

Natural Hair Black Friday Sales 2017 - ClassyCurlies

The company will offer 45% off everything using code Obia45.

Original Moxie Natural Hair Care

Natural hair black friday sales 2017 - ClassyCurlies

The company will offer 25% off for purchases of $25 or more and purchases of $60 will qualify for 35% off and for free shipping. The sale will take place from Friday-Monday.


Natural Hair Black Friday Sales 2017 - ClassyCurlies

The company will offer $20 save 40% on your purchase of the PuffCuff Family Pack (regular price $49.99)! No promo code needed. Your discount will automatically be taken at checkout.


Q-Redew Black Friday sale 2017 - ClassyCurlies

Q-Redew will host a $20 off Black Friday (11/24/17 for 24 hours) sale using coupon code: "BlackFriday"

They will also hold a small business sale Sat/Sun with $10 off. The Cyber Monday sale will be $15 off with promo code: "CyberSale"


Shea BODYWORKS will offer 15% off all orders on Black Friday. On Cyber Monday they will offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders at

Skinny & Company Coconut Oil products

Skinny & Company black friday sale 2017 - ClassyCurlies

The company is offering tons of discounts on their coconut oil products, which includes but not limited to their lip balm, oil pull, body butter and more. Sales links will go live here on Black Friday.

The Honey Pot

Honey Pot Feminine products discount - ClassyCurlies

The company will offer 15% off their all-natural and vegan feminine washes, toiletries and more with no coupon code needed. Shop here. 


Natural hair black friday sales 2017- ClassyCurlies

WonderCurl will offer 40% off on Nov. 24. They will also have additional sales all weekend long. Shop here.  

Check back for more Black Friday deals